March 11-12  9:30a-5:30p


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Join Cyndi Lee, founder of OM yoga, as you embark on a journey to invite your body and mind back into balance. With humor, depth, and authenticity, Cyndi will guide you in combining physical yoga and Buddhist mindfulness, bringing ancient wisdom alive and making it relevant to the realities of contemporary life.

Through yoga practice, you will explore how alignment, breathing, balancing, stretching, and strengthening provide the ideal opportunity to apply the Buddhist meditation techniques of watching your mind, recognizing your habits, and opening your heart. Four dharma talks with sitting and walking meditations will help cultivate awareness and compassion—aspects of practice that help our minds become unbiased, wakeful, and connected.

This powerful union of yoga and Buddhism offers a recipe for awakening, enlivening, and transforming the energy of our bodies and minds in a way that carries into our lives off the yoga mat and meditation cushion. It becomes a way of living that infuses the daily adventures, encounters, and relationships of our lives with the energy of practice.

Each of the four sessions offers a dharma talk, meditation practice and  asana practices, including restorative and action sessions.

Saturday morning: Making Friends with Yourself

Introducing mindfulness meditation, and exploring how it can be
incorporated into slow, flowing asana sequences as a method for developing
strength, stability and clarity of mind and body.

Saturday afternoon: Dynamic Equilibrium

Finding balance in how we work with our own mind as a basis for
being “not too tight, not too loose” within our changing lives.  Standing poses will provide the vehicle for riding balance with our body.

Sunday morning:  Obstacle as Path

Enriching our practice by learning that the difficulties we discover
are really the juice for going deeper — even in hip opening!

Sunday afternoon:  Open Your Heart

This heart opening/back bending class to help us fall in love with ourselves as the template for developing
loving kindness and compassion for others.


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