Yoga classes for everyone – from newbies to advanced yogis


Start where you are! Beginner classes build power in your legs and core, beginning with standing poses. Learn to open up areas of tightness in hips and shoulders and get moving with basic Sun Salutations sequences – always with safety and a lot of attention from your teacher. You’ll be introduced to your breath, your mind and other people who think it’s fun to twist and breathe. This class is for anyone who is new to yoga.


With detailed stepping stones, this level is a natural learning evolution from beginner level.  Now that your core and legs are strong, you will develop strength in your upper body by learning chadarunga dandasana and beginning to play with fun arm balances and inversions. Sun Salutation Series A & B are practiced with creative sequencing and peak poses.


You don’t have to already be an advanced student to come to an advanced class.  This class is for those who have started working on inversions, jumpbacks and chadarunga and are ready to start trying advanced versions, including deep backbends, binds, and padmasana work.

All Levels

A juicy flow that has something for everyone, all levels classes build poses from the ground up.  Your teacher will help you develop more challenging modifications as you are ready and in this way, each person can work at their own pace.  This class is not recommended for absolute newbies, but is good for those with some experience.

Express Class

Express class is a one-hour class that moves and flows while still containing all the elements of our longer classes: vinyasa, standing poses, seated poses, backbends, turning upside down and relaxation – the perfect class  for busy people who still need their yoga!

Chilled Out Vinyasa

This delicious class moves slowly with clarity and mindfulness, giving you time to fully arrive into each position and release into every stretch. Flowing with the breath will help relax your nervous system as you gain strength, coordination and physical confidence. This class is great for beginners, people getting back into shape, or for those days when you want to slow down and unwind.


Restorative Yoga is a highly effective form of “active relaxation” that can be done by anyone. By supporting the body with blankets and bolsters we give our mind and body ample time to relax and connect to the parasympathetic nervous system, leading to an experience of healing rest.

Voluptuous Ladies Yoga

Voluptuous Ladies Yoga is designed for bigger women who are new to yoga or are beginners.  Leslie offers multiple variations of each pose and modifications through the use of props and personal attention. VL Yoga is a great way for you to cultivate a more positive relationship with your body on and off the mat – or celebrate the positive relationship that you already have!

Meditation (Donations-based)

Cyndi will introduce you to the traditional mindfulness meditation technique called shamatha to use as a path toward making friends with ourselves, creating a gap between stimuli and response, and leading to a richer and more joyful life.  Each week Cyndi will give a brief talk and meditation instruction and we will sit together.  A good class to learn how to meditate, and for those who have a meditation practice and would like to sit with a group.  All are welcome.

Yoga Church (Donations-based)

This Sunday morning donation-based class gives you an opportunity to extend the benefits of your practice beyond your mat and out into the world.  Each class will raise money for a local charity.  This is an All Levels class with a short meditation practice. Teachers will rotate every few months and they will each pick their favorite charity.

For April and May, the teacher is Cyndi and 75% of the donations will benefit the Bedford Country Animal Shelter. Set the tone for your week with an uplifted, fresh start that includes others in your practice of goodness and generosity.

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